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I think you got the games confused.

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Q: Does your kingdom still collect resources while you're a non member on Runescape?
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How to becom a member on RuneScape?

It say on the Runescape site how to become a member.

What is RuneScape subscription?

RuneScape subscription is when you suscribe and you become a member.

How can you make millions in runescape without being a member?

There are many ways. Basically you have to get some resources that you can sell - for example, mining, doing woodcutting, or fishing.

Do you have to be a member in RuneScape to get a axe?


Can you be a member on runescape for free?


Runescape Is jackscape a member?

They are a non-member/ free player.

How do you get a godsword on RuneScape if you are not a member?

Godswords are member only items.

How can you be a member for free in RuneScape?

You can't.

Do you have to be a member on RuneScape to tan cowhide?


Do you have to be a member to mine blurite on RuneScape?


Do you have to be a member to get skull scepture in Runescape?


How many member worlds are there on RuneScape?

Currently, it's 82 member worlds in all of RuneScape, whereas 5 is in other languages.