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no date has been released yet.

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Q: What exacte date will halo reach be out?
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What date is halo fest?

September 14 for halo reach

After halo reach will there another halo?

Yes after reach was halo combat evolved anniversary but 343 made that up to date version then they made halo 4

What is the exacte date that Joe sakic be back?

he is back

What date does the Halo Reach Beta come out?

idk, but it is in March supposedly The halo reach beta starts may 3rd

When is the halo reach release date?

Sept 14th

What is the release date for halo reach?

Fall 2010

Is it true halo reach comes out on September 1st 2010?

There is no release date given for Halo Reach but it probably will come out in September.

When will halo reach be released?

Halo Reach was released on September 14th 2010.

What is the date release for halo reach game?

Fall 2010

What is the exact release date of halo reach?

it was canceled sorry

When is the Halo reach defiant map pack release date?

March 2011

When is halo reach out?

The Release date for this game is September 14, 2010 on a tuesday.