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To connect a PS3 controller to a PC you need to download a program such as MotioninJoy.

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Q: How do you connect a PS3 controler to a pc?
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Can you put a PS3 controler in your PC and play PC games on it?


Will a wireless xbox 360 controler connect to a ps3?


How do i connect my ps3 dreamgear controler with no dock to my android device with blutooth and if you could tell me how to root my android or my controler it dint specifi it just said need root to yo?

To connect a ps3 dreamgear controler to an android device in blueetooth mode, you need proper adaptors plugged to it.

Do PS3 games work on PC yes or no?

No, there are no PS3 -> PC emulators right now, however you can connect a PS3 controller to your PC.

Can you use a plastation 3 controller on a PC?

You will need to search for a PS3 to PC driver. After, connect your PS3 to your PC with USB.

How do you reprogram to PS3 controler?

If you are not on a PS3 you don't

How do you reset ba PS3 wireless controler to a new PS3?

First connect your controller up to the new PS3 via USB cable. Then press the PS button. The controller will switch to your new PS3.

How can you connect your PS3 to your PC?

With a LAN cable and a switch

Can you use magic jack on a PS3?

I don't see how you PS3 USB does not connect to the internet and it is for a PC and not a PS3

Can you use a ps2 controler to play PC games?

no you can not use a ps2 controler to play a PC game

How do you connect turtle beach x11 to a ps3?

You do not it is for a Xbox 360 or PC

Does a ps3 HDMI cable work to connect your PC to your tv?

If your PC has an HDMI port and the connector is the same as that used on a PS3, then it should work correctly.