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Connect your PS3 to your TV then connect you surround sound to your TV.

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Q: How do you connect a surround sound to a PS3?
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How do you hook up a ps3 to surround sound?

You can connect a sound system through your TV or the site has a new PS3 sound system for under $200 that was designed for the PS3

I have got projector and 5.1 surround sound but never connected it up properly...i have a ps3 and my brother has xbox we want to connect them to the projector and surround sound... HELP?

If your surround receiver has 2 HDMI inputs, connect both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 to the receiver with HDMI cables, and then connect the HDMI output of the receiver to the television. Simply connect the PS3 and Xbox 360 to the A/V inputs whether they are HDMI, Component, S video, RCA A/V, ETC. It does not matter if it is 480i 720 or 1080P as long as it is a Projector TV and not just a projector

Is it possible to use any surround sound system to hook up my ps3 and tv 2?

The optical output of the PS3 can be connected to older surround sound receivers. Newer receivers can be connected with the HDMI cable.

Can I buy a DVD player with surround sound?

A DVD player does not have surround sound built into it. You can purchase surround sound speakers and connect them to the DVD player. This will make your movie experience much better.

How do i connect a PS3 to a Phillips DVD surround system?

hook up your ps3 to your television (with HDMI cable) and depending on what kind of television you have, you need to send the audio out to the sound system. I used an optical cable for the best quality sound. Now, no matter what is hooked up to your television, it will go through your sound system.

Do you hook the surround sound to the TV or satellite?

check your surround sound if it has an HDMI or AV input jacks. if it has, then you are good to go. from your satellite receiver, attach the HDMI cable or AV cable. connect it to your surround sound. after connecting the satellite receiver box and surround sound, attach the HDMI or AV cable from the surround sound to your television.

How do i connect my projector to my PS3 and surround sound system each console only has one HDMI connection?

The PS3 is capable of outputting video from its HDMI port, while at the same time outputting audio from the PlayStation AV port. You would connect anyPS2/3 AV cable that had stereo RCA outputs (the pair of red and white plugs), but you would not connect the video plug(s) of that cable (S-video, RGB plugs, or a yellow plug). You would leave the video connectors unplugged because you are using HDMI for video. But a better option would be to connect a cable from the PS3's optical audio port for surround sound. If your surround receiver has a digital optical audio input, use that. It will allow you to hear 5.1 channels of surround audio. The red and white RCA plugs can only support 2.0 channels of audio (stereo).

How do you hook your surround sound up to your 50 inch flat screen?

Connect the digital audio output from the TV to the digital input of the surround sound receiver.

How do you connect a laptop to a surround sound?

Audio out or headset out from the laptop to audio IN on the surround unit. The audio level on the laptop might need to be set at MAX to get enough volume for the surround to use properly. To hear a full surround sound signal you will need to have content that is stored in a surround sound format and a sound card that supports multi-channel audio outputs.

Does ps3 have surround sound on it?

Yes. If you look at the back cover of most games as well (ex. God of war 3) it will also say 5.1 to show that game is also programmed for surround sound.

Is it possible to play logitech speakers through your ps3?

That depends on specifically which speakers you had in mind, but I use Logitech Surround Sound speakers with my PS3 and they work fine.

I have a apex tv i want surround system what kind of cables do i need?

Connect the audio out of the TV to the audio input of the surround receiver with a dual RCA cable. Note that this connection isn't surround. You will need to connect a DVD, Blu-Ray or digital cable box to the surround receiver for true surround sound.