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  • Talk to G and tell him you are ready to find out what the white fur from the earlier missions is.
  • Fix the broken machine that he asks you to fix by using the comb on your spy phone (click on tools, then the comb).
  • When G gives you the white fur, put it in to the Furensic Analyzer machine. It will tell you that the fur has Hot Chocolate, hot sauce and jet pack fuel.
  • G tells you to go investigate the places where these traces came from, so off we go!
  • Click on the map, and go to the plaza. Then go inside the Pizza parlor. Talk to the penguin cleaning the floor and then get one of the hot sauces and one of the chocolates from the floor. Pick up the pizza to deliver to the penguin near the ski lodge. What a mess!
  • Click on your map to go to the ski village. Go inside the ski lodge and then click on the door with the Gone Fishin' sign and deliver the pizza to the penguin that’s fishing.
  • Now go to the coffee shop and talk to the penguin. He will show you a drawing of the monster he saw. He puts the drawing on the counter in front of him. Click it to see the drawing close up.
  • Ask the penguin behind the counter about getting some hot chocolate and he will tell you that the monster broke the machine.
  • Now you have to fix the machine right behind the penguin. To do that put the cup under the part where it comes out then pour the chocolate from the pizza parlor in to the machine then use the wrench on your spy phone and twist the milk tube. Set the machine to Hot and then press the red button for hot chocolate. Put the cup of hot chocolate in to your inventory
  • Now go back to HQ and grab the AC 1000. It is the small device on the shelf in the gadget room that looks like an ordinary fan.
  • Go to the beacon and use the AC 1000 on the jet pack fuel floating in the air. Now use the scissors in your spy phone to cut the balloon string so that it falls to the ground.
  • Now go downstairs and in to the lighthouse, grab the loose rope from the red boat and the net on the ground near the stairs.
  • Now go to back to HQ and mix all three items (hot chocolate, hot sauce, and jet pack fuel) together into the goggles behind G. You will get a pair of yellow tracking goggles to put into your inventory.
  • Go to the ski village and put the goggles on, follow the foot prints in to the next room.
  • Grab the candle that you see when you walk in, then head in to the fishing area.
  • Put the net and the rope together and tie it to the tree in the fishing place then put the candle on it.
  • A crab will come and get trapped. Take the crab and the fur that was dropped on the ground.
  • Give G the crab and put the fur in the Furensic Analyzer machine again and it will tell you it is a polar bear.
  • Then you complete the mission. Get your mission 5 medal and your pizza box.
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Q: How do you complete mission 5 in Club Penguin?
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