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first of all you can't clone in a Pokemon center. second of all you can only clone Pokemon on Pokemon Emerald in the battle tower. p.s. get a D.S. you're living in the 21st century not the 20th

with cheats you can, but only if on PC

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Q: How do you clone Pokemon in the Pokemon center on Pokemon sapphire?
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Clone Pokemon on Pokemon sapphire?

You can not

Can you clone Pokemon on Sapphire?

No you cannot.

Can you clone items in Pokemon Sapphire?

You can clone items in Pokemon Ruby. You can accomplish this by attaching the item to the Pokemon you are cloning.

How do you Clone things in pokemon sapphire?

in Pokemon sapphire there isn't a cloning glith there is only one in Pokemon emerald

How do you clone a rare candy on Pokemon sapphire?

you cannot clone rare candies in sapphire. you can use Action replay to get more however

Pokemon Blue coloning?

you cant clone Pokemon on sapphire ------ Or Blue. =D

Is it possible to clone Pokemon on Pokemon Sapphire version?

Yes, only with a dito.

Pokémon sapphire klone Pokémon?

You can only clone Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald. Not Sapphire and Ruby. To learn how to do it, search it up for a guide.

Can you clone on Pokemon Sapphire and if yes how?

Cloning is only possible in Emerald.

Can you duplicate items in Pokemon sapphire?

if you want a Pokemon to clone and hold an item, you will just delete your profile.;)

Where and how to clone Master balls in Pokemon sapphire?

give a Pokemon the masterball and put it in the daycare with a ditto then it will be cloned!!!!!!

How do you clone Pokemon in safire?

You Cannot Clone In Any Generation 3 game except in Pokemon emerald so you can't clone in Ruby Sapphire Fire Red Or Leaf Green Versions