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you look in controlls or you be dumb and go on ask .com ya hit t


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Q: How do you chat on a minecraft multiplayer server?
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How do you turn on chat on a Minecraft server?

On a Minecraft server, chat is always on. If one of your friends can't chat, then it is a problem on their end.

Why cant people connect to your minecraft server?

if you created it right then they have to know you multiplayer server address to get to your multiplayer server

What is the best multiplayer server on minecraft?

the Fun land server.

How do you play minecraft online with random people?

Simply click "Multiplayer" then do "direct connect" or "add server" and type in a server IP. From there, you can play with friends and family on a Minecraft server.

What is cursecraft?

Its a server for Minecraft multiplayer PVP

Is Minecraft going to run on a better server?

its not run on a "server" multiplayer is but you download minecraft and it runs on your system.

Can you disable chat in Minecraft?

Yes. Go to multiplayer settings > Chat= off.

How do you create a minecraft classic multiplayer server?

You can't

How can I get Minecraft multiplayer free?

You cannot get Minecraft multiplayer for free. You must buy the game to be able to log onto a server.

How do you make your own multiplayer server in minecraft?

You need to make a secure web page and then go to Minecraft Multiplayer and make a server. The IP will be: mc. and then your webpage name, .net

What is the easiest way to get a multiplayer server on minecraft?

buy the game

Does Minecraft charge for a multiplayer server?

Minecraft does not charge you to run a server for the game. You will, however, have to posses a computer to be the server. Otherwise you will have to rent a server to run for you, which costs money.