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You cannot get minecraft multiplayer for free. You must buy the game to be able to log onto a server.

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Q: How can I get Minecraft multiplayer free?
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Is Minecraft multiplayer free?

Yes it is.

Is registering to Minecraft free?

For Classic, yes. It's required if you want multiplayer or the full Minecraft, which is not free.

Do you have to buy muiltiplayer for Minecraft?

You have to pay for the full premium version which includes multiplayer, however free users can play multiplayer on Minecraft Classic.

Why wont Minecraft multiplayer work?

only minecraft classic multiplayer is free, beta mp is for premium only a.k.a buy the game.

How do you play Minecraft free?

search minecraftsp in google and download it its free minecraft but some multiplayer servers dont work

How can you get a free Minecraft with servers?

You go on Minecraft Classic and click on Multiplayer. A good server is Team 9000 Free Build.

Is minecraft multiplayer mode free?

yes and is a great game to paly

Is there games like cubelands?

minecraft is the best answer you can play free at you can also buy the game and get more from it but other then that minecraft is the best answer all the rest like manic digger are just copy's of minecraft and are not that good minecraft is the best one minecraft is online multiplayer its even multiplayer on free version

How do you play Minecraft for free?

there is a website called minecraft for free, where you can play beta for free, but multiplayer does not work Go to Google and type in MinecraftSP and download form mediafire

Does multiplayer come with Minecraft?

Yes, Multiplayer comes with Minecraft on the PC.

Is there a free minecraft playable online currently?

You can play Minecraft Classic for free. If you go on the website, under the big orange 'Buy Now!' button, it says 'Play Minecraft Classic.' Click on Single player, or multiplayer. There's a lot of cool creations on the multiplayer severs!

What to do when you can't connect to Minecraft multiplayer?

You need an account to play minecraft multiplayer.