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you can not change your pets name.

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Yes, you can.

Use an 'Enchanted Hypnosis Wand', which can be bought at the cash shop for 1,000 Cash Shop Credits ($10.00 USD), or in user's shops (currently 18 mil sP).

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Q: How do you change your pet's name on Subeta?
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How do you change your user name on subeta?

By buying an Identity Star Shuriken (very expensive!)

Is there a way to change your pets name on harvest moon ds?

No. You can not change the name of your pets.

How do you earn intelligence fo your subeta?

Your pets can gain intelligence by reading books,random events and stat boost items.

Why did Subeta copy Neopets?

I have played both Subeta and neopets and I can tell you that Subeta did not copy neopets.Both sites were made close to around the same time.Keith was 13 when he started the site so he gave it things the the users wanted to make the site more enjoyable.All pet sites have some similarities so its not that wired if you can feed pets and battle them on both sites.And both sites have pets that are based of off animals which is something that is not that uncommon in pet sites either. Subeta is a site for 13 and up most people that leave neopets go to Subeta.Why?Because on subeta you have a lot more free speech,no annoying little kids spamming the boards every day and when you have a problem with your account Kieth and the others actually try to help you.Unlike neopets Subeta is not centered around the pets,its centered around the users. This is why they don't have that many things involving your pets.Instead of dressing up your pet you dress up your Human Avatar.Subeta is a lot more social than neopets and you can talk to the admins and Keith whenever you want. Neopets is a site aimed at children 12 and under.They really baby you on this site and you don't have that much freedom.They are overly protective,and TNT never replies back to you a second time when you reply to their e-mails to you about a problem.You can dress up your pets on neopets,and the site is a lot less social than Subeta. You have to be at least 13 to neomail people and talk on the neoboards,but unlike subeta your speech is very limited there.You do a lot more things that involve your pets on neopets.Its a lot easier to get your account frozen on neopets too.Neopets doesn't have any human characters (not inculding the staff caricatures) unlike Subeta. On neopets you have to pay for a lot of special things on there and you can't sell your nc items.On Subeta you can sell the items you bought with real money,so others won't have to.Neopets has turned into a money grabing site over the years with lots of ads Subeta does not.On sebeta you can sell your artwork of sp and real money.The people on Subeta are a lot nicer and the ones on neo and its easier to earn money on Subeta. The pets on Subeta aren't all cute and cuddly like neopets.The site is less child friendly and more appealing to teenagers.You can talk and real life issues,sex (but not porn) and lots of other things that you can't talk about on neopets.You can also change your pets gender on Subeta with very cheap costing items.You can even right in your pet's description that they are homosexual or bisexual of their personality. But really to get the full experience of Subeta you have to play it for yourself.It is a very fun and free site and lots of people enjoy it.You can play both Subeta and neopets and then compare the to and you will begin to see the big differences.

Is there any game that is like subeta?

a website that is like subeta is

What is the name of the lain owned by the most powerful person in Subeta politics?


How can you change your pets name on Moshi Monsters?

You can not change your monster's name on Moshi Monsters.

How do you change your pets name without deleting it on Bin Weevils?

you click on the bin thing where you buy them name it lola because that is the trick name and then change its colour and name bassicly

When was subeta created?


How do you change room name on happy pets?

you cant change it because it is saved

How do you change your bin pets name?

when you first get binpet, you get to choose the name for it, but choose it wisely because you WONT get to change it.

How do you crack the safe on subeta?

Its random.