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you can go to the tree house store in the plaza

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Q: How do you change your flooring in a tree house on club penguin?
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How do you put flooring down in club penguin?

You can either remove your flooring or you have to buy it, but you can only buy it if you are a member

How do you get the floring in the club penguin?

Go to your igloo. Then click upgrade igloo catalog. At the start you can buy flooring. Buy the flooring and it will be in your igloo

How do you get the dance floor for your igloo on club penguin?

You go to the catalog and you look on the flooring page and the it is.

Where is the Club Penguin band on Club Penguin now 2012?

the light house

If you have a house on club penguin and you want a different house on Club Penguin and you bye it will you still get to keep the things that was in the house?

yes of course

How do you change into anybody in Club Penguin?

You need Club Penguin Storm.

On Club Penguin how do you change the penguin style?

There is not a way to change graphics on club penguin. However, you can submit your idea to club penguin's email at or you can call club penguin's customer service and tell them your idea at 1-888-861-4777. But you can change the quality of Club Penguin by pressing the + sign or = sign. ~winner 25321

How do you change your paasword in Club Penguin?

Go to club penguin. Look everywhere!

How do you change a name on Club Penguin?

You cannot change your penguin's name.

How do you change your email on Club Penguin?

change it

Where can you buy the disco flooring in club penguin?

You can only buy it in the igloo furniture at a certain time of year!

Where is the attic in club penguin?

you go to your penguin's house then you see a picture of a house click on it and there you go