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The only way is to make your mii a favorite, which turns the mii's pants red. You cannot choose the color you want the mii's pants to be. You can only have 10 favorites.

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โˆ™ 2011-08-06 16:21:33
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Q: How do you change the color of a mii's pants?
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How do you get miis with blue pants?

Miis with blue pants are miis that do not belong to you. You get these miis from the CHECK MII OUT CHANNEL which you can only get if you have WI-FI!

How do you make a Mii with blue pants?

I'm pretty sure all Miis have navy blue pants. Unless you mark them "favorite" which makes their pants red/ The way you see Miis with blue pants is because if you go on Mii Contest Channel, and you go on posting plaza, you see other people's Miis, and because they are other people's Miis they have blue pants. (You can't edit Miis with blue pants)

How do you get miis with golden pants 3ds?

they are special miis that you can only get by scanning QR codes of them, for example there are new resident evil miis with gold pants, you can find it on google.

How do you get miis with gold pants to come to your plaza?

Special Miis are released from time to time and propagate across from person to person over streetpass.

Could you change the color of your pants?


How do you get a mii with gold pants on 3ds?

Special Miis or Gold Miis can be found through streetpass or spotpass from special events. Older Special Miis can be downloaded by scanning the QR code with the 3DS in Mii Maker.

How do you miis have gold pants?

to get a golden mii you have to svan a qr code or get them through streetpass

How do you get the colored pants on fancy pants adventure 2?

go to the option, then you will see colors then jump on one to change color of your pants

How do you change your mii pants color?

You Can't But You Can Get gray pants normally red pants as a favorite and blue pants if you downloaded a mii gold pants are special you can get them at Nintendo events

How do you get pants on fancy pants world 2?

There's a snail and a hole in each level. Kick that snail into the hole. Then your pants will change into another color.

In hockey can you put pant shells on regular hockey pants or do you have to have certain pants?

Shells are only covers used to change the color of the pants. They fit over any type of hockey pants.

How many miis can you make on a 3DS?

100. This counts all Miis you make and all Miis you receive or download. (i.e. QR Code Miis)

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