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You cannot catch a wild Wormadam in Pokémon Pearl however you can catch a wild Burmy in Pokémon Pearl by putting honey in any of the various Honey Trees in the region which is where the wild Burmy will be at, once one appears it will need to be a female Burmy that you catch and then you can raise it until it reaches Level 20 at which point it will evolve into Wormadam, male Burmy cannot evolve into Wormadam male ones will only evolve into Mothim.

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Evolve a female Burmy to level 21

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Q: How do you catch wormadam in Pokemon Pearl?
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Where can you catch wormadom in Pokemon pearl?

You cannot catch Wormadam, it evolves from Burmy. Burmy can be found in the Sweet Honey Trees.

What Pokemon will play with wormadam in Pokemon Pearl?


Who is Sandy Cloak Wormadam in Pokemon?

Sandy Cloak Wormadam is found in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. It is a bug Pokemon with an overcoat.

Where do you see wordam Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

If you want to catch one, put honey on a tree. If a female burmy comes, catch it. You can evolve this into a Wormadam.

Can you see wormadam in eterna forest in pokemon pearl?

No, but you can get a burmy through honey trees and then evolve it into wormadam.

How do you get wordan in Pokemon pearl for DS?

Wormadam is a Pokemon from the Pokemon Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum video games. It is obtained by leveling a female Burmy to level 20. A male Burmy will not evolve into Wormadam, but instead into Mothim.

Where do you see a wormadam in platnium?

In order to get a wormadam in Pokemon Platinum, you need to catch a female Burmy and evolve it.

Were can I find a wormadam on Pokemon pearl?

get burmy from a honey tree and evolve

Where can i find a trainer on Pokemon pearl that has wormadam?

Route 214 threres a beauty fight her because wormadam is her pokemon ahh its only lvl 25 Anddd its her only pokemon:(

What is the 46th Pokemon in the Sinnoh dex?

Diamond and Pearl Sinnoh Dex: 46# Wormadam Platinum Sinnoh Dex: 46# Wormadam

How do you find wormadam in Pokemon pearl?

Evolve a female burmy at lv 20.

What Pokemon do you have to see to get the national pokedex in Pokemon pearl?

you have to see all of them. i had trouble finding a wormadam holding trainer.