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You'll need to transfer it to the Transfer Lab or trade for it.

It cannot be caught in the wild.

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Q: How do you catch luxray in pokemon white?
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Where do you find luxray in pokemon heartgold?

You can't directly catch Luxray in HeartGold; you have to evolve Luxio. He can be found in the Safari Zone.

How do you catch a luxray lv x with a nidoking lv 59?

there is no such thing as lvl X in the Pokemon games

How do you catch a hydreigon Pokemon White?

You cannot catch Hydreigon on Pokemon White.

How do you catch a graveler on Pokemon White?

you can not catch graveler on Pokemon white Sorry:):):):)

Where do you catch Celebi Pokemon White?

You can't catch celebi in pokemon white.

How do you catch bravery on Pokemon Black and White?

You can not catch Braviary. You have to catch Rufflet in Pokemon White and evolve it.

Which Pokemon is Luxray cool?

yes luxray is cool

Is it possible to catch darkria in Pokemon White?

No, you cannot catch Darkrai in Pokemon White.

What legendary pokemon can you catch in Pokemon Black but not white?

In Pokemon black you catch RESHIRAM and TORNADUS In Pokemon white you catch ZEKROM and THUNDERUS Sources : myself

Where do you catch luxray?

evolve a shinx, which evolves in a luxio, at level 30, that luxio evolves into luxray, you cannot catch him wild

Can you catch Rufflet in Pokemon Black?

No, it is exclusive to Pokemon White. Where you would catch Rufflet in White, you catch Vullaby in Black.

How do you catch a reishiram in Pokemon White?

You cannot catch Reshiram in Pokemon White, because it's exclusive to Pokemon Black.