How do you catch dexos?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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The only way to capture the Pokemon Deoxys is to obtain an Aurora Ticket through an official Nintendo event. The ticket allows the player access to Birth Island where Deoxys waits.

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Q: How do you catch dexos?
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Where do you catch Dexos in Pokemon platiunm?

So far, the only way to get Deoxys in Pokemon Platnum (or in any Pokemon game for that matter) has been through Nintendo events.

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What is the code to get dexos on Pokemon diamond?

all you hav to do is go to game stop, and they will have a ds download play and you use your ds, and then you will receive it

How do you get dexos in Pokemon Sapphire?

If you mean, de-evolutionary items, they don't exist. However, a Pokemon CAN hold an everstone, which prevents evolution (while holding it).

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Do you get dexos in space in Pokemon emerald?

You can not go into space on any Pokemon game, dispite what others may tell you. Going into space is one of the BIGGEST lies anybody has made up for Pokemon games. You can ==only== catch Deoxys at Aurora Island. You can get here by going to a Nintendo Event in REAL LIFE Japan, or by using a Gameshark/Action Replay.

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How do you get dexos on Pokemon Pearl?

you can do a few things. 1. migrate if you have firered, leafgreen,ect. after getting the national dex. 2. you can trade on the GTS with someone who did #1 3. trade with a friend who did #1

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How do you dexos in Pokemon Platinum?

It is completely impossible to get Deoxys in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold or Soulsilver. Deoxys has not yet been distributed in any event and there is no hack into getting it. Furthermore, there is no way of getting a Deoxys in these games listed above.

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