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after you defeat team galactic for good at spear pillar go to lake valor and surf to the cave in the middle. talk to azelf and you will battle. it is best to use a dark type poke mon because they are immune to azelfs psychic attacks. use false swipe if you have it or use bug ghost dark attacks to take most of its health then use fighting psychic moves which aren't effective to get it to red in its hp bar. give it a status condition and use ultra balls. you can also use your master ball but you may want to save it for the elusive mesprit.

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Q: How do you catch azelf in Pokemon dimond?
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How do you catch azelf in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't catch Azelf in Pokemon Heart Gold. Sorry! But you can catch it in Diamond, Pearl or Platinum. Hope this helps!

Where can you catch azelf in Pokemon white 2?

azelf is at route 23

What legendary Pokemon do you catch in dimond?


What can you catch with a pok'e radar on Pokemon dimond?

i know you can catch a ditto

How do you catch mespirt on Pokemon dimond and pearl?


Can you catch azelf after defeating it in Pokemon diamond?


How do you get the legendary Pokemon azelf with no Palkia in Pokemon pearl?

catch or defeat palkia and go to lake valor and you Will find azelf

How can you catch Azelf in Pokemon Platinum?

you have to go to lake verity cavern and catch it.

Where do you catch azelf in Pokemon FireRed?

You can't catch one.It can only be caught in Pokemon Pearl and Diamond

How do you catch azelf in Pokemon?

Azelf is found in the Sinnoh Region, in one of the three caves in the middle of the three lakes. (Pokemon Diamond and Pearl). You can catch azelf after you catch the Pokemon Dialga or Palkia. It depends on the type of Pokemon game you have Pearl for Palkia and Diamond for Dialga.It would be best to catch Azelf with an Ultra ball. But if you havent used your master ball yet u can catch Azelf with that. Use Kricketune's false swipe, the use luxray's thunderwave to paralyze it. It took about 10 dusk balls.

How do you catch regice in Pokemon dimond?

you need a action replay

How do you catch Pikachu in Pokemon dimond?

go to the mansion garden