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Go to a map, walk around until you find a Pokemon, and catch it.

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Q: How do you catch a Pokemon on Pokemon Vortex?
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Where do you catch Dialga on Pokemon Vortex?

On the cave maps.

How does Darkrown come?

Darkrown is a fake Pokemon but if you play POKEMON Vortex you can catch it

How do you catch a legendary in Pokemon Vortex?

It's simpler if you buy a Masterball and have high stat Pokemon.

In which area can you catch Moltres in Pokemon Vortex?

well he is fire so you catch him at the lava place (my name hhayne)

How do you catch Pokémon on Pokémon vortex?

To Catch A Pokemon In Pokemon Vortex Go In Any Map Search A Pokemon Battle With It, Scroll Down You Will See Potion, Max Heal, Poke ball, Master ball etc. Low The Hp And Use The Pokeball, Greatball, Ultraball or Masterball!

How do catch Dialga on Pokemon Vortex?

Obtain all the gym badges and they will randomly appear on the map.

How do you catch a ledgendary Pokemon Vortex?

Defeat all the gym leaders and then legendaries will appear on the maps.

Do you have to beat the champions before you catch legendaries on Pokemon Vortex?

yes you have to defeat all the champions before catching a legendary pokemon

How do you catch a Pokemon in Pokemon Vortex?

lol do u know what Pokemon is? xD just weaken a Pokemon and throw a pokeball great ball ultra ball or master ball at him

Where you can find a rare Pokemon in Pokemon vortex?

You have to beat all the gym leaders from sinnoh and so and also the elite four, so you can catch them. First of all It will be hard to find them, so have a keen eye. Remember to stock up on master balls if you want to catch them. Rare Pokemon like Dialga or Manaphy or Arceus and so on. also what is Pokemon vortex

Where you can find Butterfree in Pokemon Vortex?

in the grass maps.if you find the caterpie catch it and evlove it to its final stage butterfree

How do you catch a lugia after beating the elite 4 at Pokemon Vortex?

go to the snow or water or forest then look to you find him!