How do you catch Regirock?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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In Pokémon emerald, there is a long and arduous way to get Regirock. You have to have a Relicanth at the end of your party, and a Wailord at the front. You also need to have Pokémon with dive, surf and dig in your party. Got it?

Go to the Sealed Chamber on route 134, and dive there. When you get to the front of the braille at the south part, go up. This will take you to a chamber. If you go up right in front of the top of the cave, in front of the big slab with braille at the very north, you'll be able to use dig, right there. This will open up a doorway where the slab was.

If you go through the doorway, it'll take you to another cavern, and there you should walk up to the northernmost slab in the top center. If you have your Wailord at the front and Relicanth and the back, you can hit the a button in the center of the braille. There'll be a rumbling sound, and the sound of three doorways will click in the distance. You then have to go to the desert around route 111. There? If you enter the desert, and head to the south, you'll see a cave entrance with 6 boulders around it. If you go into the cavern, you'll then have to go to the very top and center of the braille there. Take two steps to the left, and two steps down, and you'll have to use rock smash, which will open up yet another doorway. Go through there, and you'll get to Regirock.

Hope this helped!

^^ that is SO not right.

then what is it

Something else, ya knobhead. Go to route 111 in the desert down in the cave near the bottom go in read the braille and its say left left down down and use rock smash. then go in and save and catch.

To get to regirock go to the bottom of the desert and enter the cave. The cave will only be there if you went to the underwater cave and unlocked the other regis. The braille reads " right,right, down ,down, then use strength."It takes a lot of patience to catch all the regi's. The best way is to avoid attacking them by lowering their stats or just switching the poke'mon back and forth. Be creative. I made sure I had plenty of ultra balls, timer balls, strong poke'mon, full restores and time before I saved and challenged the three regi's.

And if u run out of money beat the Pokemon league. TRUST ME I BEAT THEM AND EARNED $5 000 000! and if you haven't beat them before I recommend looking for trainers to battle with your pokenav.

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Q: How do you catch Regirock?
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