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Lower its HP until it's at the Red marker.

Find it again, then put it to sleep with a fast Pokemon. (Suggest darkrai)

Get a variety of poke balls and throw them at the Pokemon to try and catch it.

If you have used poke balls a lot of turns then throw a TIMER BALL.

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Q: How do you catch Cresselia on Pokemon platinum?
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What if you make the Pokemon Cresselia faint in Pokemon platinum?

you cant catch it anymore

How do you catch cresillia in Pokemon platinum?

Cresselia is found in Pokemon Platinum as a roaming Pokemon. After encountering Cresselia for the first time, one can follow its location by checking their Pokedex entry for the Pokemon. Cresselia can potentially appear in any patch of tall grass.

How do catch a Cresselia on Pokemon platinum?

visit full moon island and look for it in the wild

How do you catch Deoxys in Pokemon platinum?

It's possible but you may not be able to catch a cresselia afterwards. Problem is, I haven't figured out how.

Do you have to beat the Elite Four to catch all the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

Yes, to catch Giritina, Cresselia, and Mesprit. In Pokemon Platinum, you can catch Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno also. :)

How do you catch crasellia in Pokemon Platinum?

cresselia is a roaming Pokemon, to catch it you have to follow your marking map on poketch this way it will help you find it or some other roaming Pokemon. hope this helped :) PS: the roaming Pokemon are... Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, Mesprit, and Cresselia

If you beaten Cresselia in Pokemon platinum how do you get her back?

you have to follow her to catch her like with mesprit. just follow your poke etch

What is the best way to catch Cresselia in pokemon platinum?

chase it with the first team member that is faster than it and teach the mean look so the Cresselia can't run

Where do you catch Cresselia in Pokemon Diamond?

you find cresselia on full moon island

How you get Cresselia on Pokemon platinum?

This is the same way from Diamond and Pearl.

What are all the legedary Pokemon you can catch on Pokemon platinum?

Uxie; Mesprit; Azelf; Dialga; Palkia; Heatran; Regigigas; Giratina; Cresselia; Phione; Manaphy; Darkrai; Shaymin; Arceus

What is the Pokemon you catch on full moon island in pearl?

You catch Cresselia