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::::::You can not get cresselia in Pokemon heartgold::::::

::::::Yes you can!!! I have one! Well i have 2 because i got them from a trade but i sitll have them!:::: :D
no u dont you need to catch it in pearl and trade

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Q: How can you catch Cresselia in Pokemon HeartGold?
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Can you catch Cresselia on HeartGold?


How do you get Cresselia on Pokemon HeartGold?

you do not!

Where do you catch Cresselia in Pokemon Diamond?

you find cresselia on full moon island

What is the Pokemon you catch on full moon island in pearl?

You catch Cresselia

Where can you catch Cresselia in Pokemon White 2?

You can catch Cresselia on Marvelous Bridge, but you need the Lunar Wing, which you get in the Strange House.

How do you catch a Rotom in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't catch Rotom in heartgold.

Where do you catch Groudon in Pokemon HeartGold?

you cant catch him in heartgold you can only get him in soulsilver

What if you make the Pokemon Cresselia faint in Pokemon platinum?

you cant catch it anymore

What legendary water type Pokemon can you get in Pokemon HeartGold?

In HeartGold you can catch Kyogre.

Can you catch Cresselia on Pokemon Pearl without the national pokedex?


Where is Vulpix in Pokemon HeartGold Pokemon?

You can only catch Vulpix in SoulSilver, not in HeartGold. You can catch it on route 36 and route 37.

In which Pokemon game can you catch latias?

In pokemon Heartgold