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You can't. You can only repair the boat that is already there that Ned told you about.

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Q: How do you buy the boat for dragon slayer on runescape?
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How do you buy the boat in port sarim in runescape?

If you're talking about Dragon Slayer, you can't buy any boat. You have to repair Ned's boat with a few planks and nails. If you're talking about something else, well I'm sorry but the boats are not for sale.

How do you get rune platebody without doing dragon slayer quest?

lol, you can buy a rune platebody without doing dragon slayer quest but you cannot wear them!!My name in runescape is bleach cast1they also cost 65k

How do you get a anti-dragon breath shield on runescape?

If you mean just a normal one, you can get it from Duke Horacio during the quest Dragon Slayer or you can buy one off of another player or from the Grand Exchange.

How can you tell who your slayer master is on runescape?

Buy a gem from any slayer master and use it, your recommended slayer master will talk to you.

How do you check your runescape slayer task?

You just simply use an Enchanted Gem, you can buy them off a slayer master.

Were do you find a rune platebody in a p2p runescape?

You can buy one from Oziach after Dragon Slayer quest, or you can get a free one as a very random reward from a level 3 Clue Scroll.

In Dragon Fable where is the doom slayer that make you into a doom knight?

There is no doom slayer. you need to buy it

Were is the shop that you get the black full helmet from on runescape?

After you have beaten the dragon slayer quest you can have acess to the champions guild just near varrock if you go up stairs you can buy a black helmet.

How do you get dragon lord armour in aq worlds and weapon?

you have to buy dragon slayer then upgrade

How do you get the rune when you finish dragonslayer?

You may get rune armour by going back to Oziach after killing the dragon. He will say that you succeeded and you will finish the quest. You may then buy a rune platebody (or green dragonhide body) from him. You may also buy rune armour from the other players or the Grand Exchange. For a guide on the Dragonslayer Quest:

How do you get dragon wings on wizard101?

u cant get the wings from the red dragon u have to be a member and then u buy from dragon slayer shop

How do you become a dragon slayer on AQ?

u have to get an ice dragon scale from a ramdom quest then use the the scale to buy it