How do you breed an Empoleon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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first you need to catch ditto on route 218 (the very first grass patch from canalave city) then breed at the day care.

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Q: How do you breed an Empoleon?
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Can you breed Ditto with a empoleon?

yes ditto can breed with empoleon

How do you get a piplup from an egg with a Ditto on Pokemon diamond?

breed a ditto with a piplup, a prinplup, or an empoleon. or breed 2 piplup, prinplup, or empoleon.

How do you breed piplup?

You can only breed either prinplup or empoleon if you want another piplup and breed it with ditto to get the piplup.

Can a male Empoleon breed with a female marill and get a piplup egg?


Can you breed luxio and Empoleon in pokiemon diamond?

Yes you can. They are both part of the ground egg group. But you can breed any Pokemon (excluding legendaries) with ditto

How do you breed an Empoleon and ditto in pearl?

you put them in the day care and leave them there for a while.but they have to be different sexes duuuuhhhhhhh

What level will Empoleon learn ice beam in platinum?

It will not learn it on its own. Just buy the TM or breed/tutor it.

How do you catch a piplup on Pokemon pearl?

you carn't! you can only get it through starter pokemon. trade it OR breed a empoleon or prinplup

What will come out of the egg if you breed Empoleon and Ditto?

a piplup will come out at lv 1 its just like other Pokemon you breed with ditto so its pretty cool i have 10 charizards

How do you bread EMPOLEON on Pokemon preil?

In Pokemon Pearl you may breed an Empoleon with any water 1 / field egg type Pokemon. Such as the following : Bidoof Buneary Chimchar Eevee This are just a few, there are many more.

Will Empoleon make an egg with a Ditto?

yes ditto can breed with any Pokemon group except for those in the no egg group

Why is Empoleon called Empoleon?

they named it that