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you can breed a riolu egg with those moves if they where taught by a TM

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Q: How do you breed a Lucario egg that knows bullet punch and hi jump kick?
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Can Lucario learn bullet punch?

Yes and no. If you don't have a Blaziken with blaze kick, no. If you do, breed it with something (not ditto) and there is a chance it will be Lucario. It will most likely have Blaze Kick.

How does scizor learn bullet punch?

Breed the scyther that you want and when it's level one, trade it holding the metal coat. After the trade it will evolve in Scizor. It will then learn bullet punch. I also think a move tutor can teach bullet punch to Scizor.

How do you get a Scraggy that knows Drain Punch?

Drain Punch is one of Scraggy's egg moves so you will need to get a female of either Scrafty or Scraggy as well as males of either Smeargle, Treecko, Grovlye, Sceptile, Mienshao, Mienfoo, Lucario, Kecleon or Spinda that knows Drain Punch and then you can put them into the Daycare and then you can get a Pokemon Egg from the Daycare Man that will hatch into a Scraggy that knows Drain Punch.

What level does Weavile learn Ice Punch?

you have to breed a male hitmonchan/medicham that knows ice punch. breed it with a female buneary (it should know ice punch). the buneary has to breeded with a female sneasel/weavile. a sneasel will hatch from the egg. it will know ice punch.

When does Lucario learn ice punch?

Lucario is not capable of naturally learning Ice Punch however a Move Tutor in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 in Driftveil City will give it Ice Punch in exchange for 10 Red Shards.

What are alisa's tekken 6 combos?

Rocket Punch, Double Rocket Punch and The Bullet Banger

How do you chain breed a scraggy to know ice punch?

Medicham/Hitmonchan (male) with ice punch Breed with female buneary -> hatch egg to get buneary (male) with ice punch Breed this male buneary with scraggy (female) to pass on ice punch to scraggy egg.

What level does Lucario learn aura spear?

Lucario, an Aura Pokemon, learns aura spear at Start. Other moves Lucario can learn include power-up punch, low speed, brick break, and high jump kick.

This is the team i want for the Elite Four in Pokemon Diamond but i need to know the levels and moves. Infernape Garchomp Gengar Milotic Honchkrow and Lucario. Can someone help me?

i have a level 54 Lucario, it knows dragon pulse, extremeSpeed, Aura sphere, and Drain Punch. HP 154 and attack 144. btw milotic will be hard to get:L :D

What would happen if Lucario fought Mewtwo?

If you want a SERIOUS answer: If Lucario and Mewtwo fought as CPUs both on level 9, there is no telling who the winner would be.If you want a HILARIOUS answer:Captain Falcon would come out and FALCON.... PUNCH! both of them.Lol, if you want the real answer, lucario wouldn't fight mewtwo xD but if mewtwo fought lucario and lucario had no choice lucario would win, because of his high aura abilities,

How do you beat Cynthia with floatzel?

Teach your Floatzel Ice Punch to use against Cynthia's Garchomp and Surf to use against her Lucario and Gastrodon.

On Pokemon Platinum version does machamp learn bullet punch?

Bullet Punch in Pokémon Platinum can only be obtained through breeding (produce a egg). The Machop (hatched from the egg) will then eventually learn the move "Bullet Punch", while ordinary (Non-bred) Machamps (or any other evolutionary stage) cannot.More information can be obtained by going to the web-page through the "Related links" section below.