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In Roblox, you can't turn invisible until and unless if you get a tool which turns you invisible or a giver with a tool which makes you invisible.

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Q: How do you become invisible on Roblox?
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How do you make your torso invisible in roblox?

You cant.

How do you be invisible in Roblox?

You Can't ever be invisible. It is only possible if someone was a special giver that makes you invisible or a invisible cloak giver.

What is happening in the calculus problem to the right?

It has become totally invisible!It has become totally invisible!It has become totally invisible!It has become totally invisible!

In roblox how do you make things invisible?

Go to roblox studio. Then go to your place in edit mode. After that make sure the explorer and properties windows are open. Then click on the brick you want invisible and in the properties box scroll down until you see transparency. Set it to 1 then its invisible.

How long do you have to play ROBLOX to become a Moderator?

You Become A Mod By Gettin' A Job With ROBLOX

How do you not become a guest on roblox?

You have to either log in into your Roblox account or create one. Or not, you will always become a guest when you go to games on Roblox.

How do you become invisible o Webkinz?

you can't be invisible

How do you become invisible on TinierMe in SelfyTown?

I'm Sorry. But When Users become invisible, It is just a glitch. ^-^

What if you get power to become invisible what would your name be?

If I had the power to become invisible, my name would be Shadowcloak.

How do be a roblox admin?

The Roblox admins are people who actually work for Roblox as they're job. if you want to become a Roblox admin you would have to work for Roblox

What super power does the Invisible Woman have?

ability to become invisible

If you become invisible for a day?

If I would be invisible, I will do what ever I want.