How do you become a real dragon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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try a spell

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Q: How do you become a real dragon?
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Are the dragon balls in Dragon Ball Z real?

of course not. If there were, every few years or so the sky might suddenly become dark for no reason and a dragon would've been reported.

Is the dragon radar from Dragon Ball real?

If the dragon radar is real then that is saying that dragon balls are real which is supposedly found on the top of Mt Fuji but then again it all depends on if you believe they exist or not

How do you become a dragon on adventure quest if you does not say become a dragon?

Shape shifter,

Is dragon dog a real Pokemon?

No, "dragon dog" is not a real Pokémon.

Are dragon balls real like in Dragon Ball Z?

No, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z are fictional concepts. No such thing exists in real life.

Can you show a real image of dragon?

The only real existing dragon is the Kimodo Dragon, and that is practically a lizard, not a dragon. I know there are good images of Kimodos on Google

How does GED kill the dragon of pendor?

GED doesn't kill the dragon he makes a "bet" with the dragon, by the dragon's real name. Ged tells the dragon that he will not tell the dragon's real name if her doesn't go to the archipelgo.

How can you become a fairy of the dragon flame?

Honestly, you can't. It is a made up cartoon on Nickelodeon. Fairies are real, just not those cartoons. :)

Is a kokomo a real dragon?

There is no kokomo dragon. There is an animal called a komodo dragon. It is not a dragon. It is a reptile.

How much is a blazing dragon worth?

actually, there is no real dragon in real life, it is only a fantasy.

Is dragon's real?

Yes they're real and

Are dragon riders real if yes then please get you a dragon egg and teach you in the way of the riders?

No. Neither dragons nor dragon riders are real