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You have to pass the ultimate quiz so you can defeat king omelet. there are nine questions in the quiz. the first one is a riddle(answer:chalkboard). the next one is an i spy. the third one is a sillouhette(shadow) deciphering. the fourth one is a i spy. the fifth one is an riddle(answer:torch). the sixth one is a wierd voice quiz. you will hear this wierd voice so you have to figure out whose voice it is. you can talk to the people to find out if they're the right answer. the seventh one is a riddle(answer:clock) the eighth question is a super intro music question. you will hear the beginning of any intro. then you have to find out where you heard that music. there are objects to represent the different places in which you traveled.(sunflower:SUNFLOWER PLAINS,kings throne:YOUR CASTLE, the pink tree:KINGDOM OF THE JOLLY, piece of cake:RIPE KINGDOM,suggestion box:TOWN SQUARE the last question is very hard. you have to find out who is the worlds biggest problem. who is it? thats still a mystery..........

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Q: How do you beat the omelette king in the little king's story?
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