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You should have Pokemon that have super effective moves for each type of Evee. For example, you use electric moves for the Vaporeon, and so forth. Having Pokemon that are the opposite types of the evees are just as good, too.

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Q: How do you beat the kimono girls in Pokemon soulsilver?
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How do you fight the kimono girls in Pokemon soulsilver?

You have to beat all the Johto gym leaders.

What item do you get after you beat the kimono girls in Pokemon soulsilver?

you will get the tidal bell that will awake lugia

What do you do when you beat the kimono girls in Pokemon soulsilver?

Access to Lugia via the Whirl Islands

How do you learn surf in the Pokemon SoulSilver?

You have to beat the fourth gym, Go to the Kimono Girls Dancing Studio and fight the rocket grunt who is bothering one of the Kimono Girls

How do you defeat the komono girls in Pokemon soulsilver?

What worked for me was all my Pokemon were level 40s and with three Pokemon i beat all the kimono girls. Pokemon Master- I had my level 72 Feraligatr and beat all of them with just him. Level up all your Pokemon before battling them.

What do you do when you beat the girls in Pokemon SoulSilver?

the kimono girls? go to the whirl islands and go in the first island you see that is protected by a whirl pool then talk to the monk and go to the bottom

How do you get surf in Pokemon Gold gba?

beat the kimono girls in ekruteak city

Where do you fight the Kimono girls?

in Pokemon HEARTGOLD and SOULSILVER you don't fight the Kimono girls. ONLY in silver and gold version. RE. you do because i had a flippin hard time trying to beat umbreon,espeon,jolteon,flarieon,vapoureon all at lv 38 with a lv 34 u fght them when you beat the last gym leader

Where can you find the tidal bell in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Beat the five Kimono Girls.

How do you you the rainbow wing in Pokemon HeartGold?

You first have to beat team rocket, then the Kimono girls

How do you get hm surf on Pokemon Silver?

beat all of the kimono girls and a man will give it yo you

Pokemon SS which gym do you get surf?

you get it in ecruteak city dance hall after you beat the kimono girls