How do you beat salamence in ruby?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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salamence is weak against ice and dragon type moves. So use it's weakness.

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Q: How do you beat salamence in ruby?
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Which Pokemon do you beat the elite four with on ruby?

Blaziken Aggron Salamence Groudon Exploud Hariyama

Where to find a salamence on Pokemon Ruby?

There's a small room that opens up after you beat the elite 4. It will have a TM on the land and a 25% chance to find a bagon. Level it to 50 and it evolves into a salamence.

Where do you find salamence on Pokemon ruby?

no where

How can you get salamence in ruby version?

Train a bagon.

Pokemon ruby where to find salamence?

Elite Four Drake (Dragon-type user) has a Salamence.

How do you get salamence in fire or leaf version?

trade it from sapphire or ruby

What is a good flying Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

Swellow Salamence

Where can you find salemence in Pokemon ruby?

you can't get him directly in salamence form you have to catch bagon in meteor falls then evolve it to shelgon then into salamence

How do you get Salamence in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Migrate it from LeafGreen, FireRed, Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald

What dragon Pokemon are in ruby?

The only in-game dragon Pokemon you can get are salamence, altaria, and rayquaza

How do you beat salamence?

Use any decent ice type move and because Salamence is a Dragon/Flying type, it will be 4 times as powerful as normal. Salamence should die but if it doesn't then you're probably screwed.

How do you evolve a shelgon?

you train it to level 50 then it evolves into salamence in ruby, sapphire, and emerald hope this helps