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dont know what version you have but in ruby i have a machop, sharpedo, groudon, walrien, salamence and sceptile (my starter) all at about level fifty i managed to beat the first four before failing lol but the point is each of their type is the weakness for one of the different elite four, salamence and spectile are just backups

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Q: What is the best Pokemon to use against the elite four?
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What Pokemon are the best against the elite four?

weedle, sparrow, geodude, nosapass, skitty

What Pokemon work best in Pokemon Leafgreen against the Elite Four?

Venusaur,Rapidash,Gyarados,Pikachu,Pidgeot and Dragonite

Pokemon ruby is swampert the best to defeat the elite four?

yes swarpert is a greatest Pokemon to defeat elite four

What Pokémon should you use against the elite four in Pokemon leafgreen?

your strongest Pokemon

Best 6 Pokemon to go against the diamond elite four?

diagla charizard lucario palkia mew and monferno

What are the best Pokemon to have in your party when facing the elite four in Pokemon emerald?

Fire and water are the best combination to beat the elite 4.

What Pokemon do you use against the elite four in fire red?

See question "Is this a good team to beat the elite four"'s answer.

What are the best Pokemon for the elite four on Pokemon Stadium?

I would suggest fighting the elite four with a water, fire, ice, rock, electric, and fighting type pokemon.

What is the best Pokemon used to defeat the elite four?


What is the best Pokemon for battling the elite four on Pokemon soul silver?

Lugia because it is physic and super affective against poison and fighting but don't use it against dark because they will kill it easily

What Pokemon are good against the elite four on firered?

level 55 and up and ever type of Pokemon

Which is the best way to level up lv85 Pokemon in soul silver or platinum?

red or the elite four if you beat red the elite four Pokemon will be jacked up or red again after you beat the elite four his Pokemon are the same levels as before