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first be the ratticator. optimum Alfred is on the sun deck you know the gadgets the ratticator has like the robots earleir in da game? well use em then Alfred will fly up and send all different coloured robots beat them all Alfred will be back do the same thing he'll fly up again then beat the robots again then get him again then get the robots 1 last time to beat Alfred happy cheating submitted by josh


Ok well that is the long way to defeat him. Get in the ratticator suit and then go to the sun deck. Try to defeat him by using the gadgets, and as explained above, beat up the gang of robots that come. The second time go where he cant see you. I went on a chair because not only did he not see me I gained some sainity. Eventually he will come into the water. Go into the water and defeat him there. He will be electrocuted and then it is Game Over! (in a good way of course.....) then u have to long credits but don't turn your ds off cause there is more game time after the credits and if you turn it off you loose everything you do.

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If you do go on the chairs make sure you do i each time because otherwise on the last one he will drain all our sanity immediately.

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Q: How do you beat optimum Alfred?
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When does The Game End on the sims2 for DS?

The game ends when you beat Optimum Alfred a robot that comes in after Ava Cadava leaves

How do you beat the whole game on the sims 2 ds?

To get the credits to roll across the screen you need to become the Rattinator and defeat Optimum Alfred and his Minions on the Sundeck.

How do you defeat Optimum Alfred in Sims 2 DS?

to defeat optimum alfred dress up as the raticator go to the sun roof and do wot you do to the thugs,aliens n goons.ope it elps

Where is optimum Alfred when you need to defeat him on the sims2 for Nintendo DS?

You'll find Optimum Alfred on the sun deck. You'll have to dress up as Ratacor and get you're rat suit on. He has some friends... GOOD LUCK!!!!!

On sim 2 on Nintendo ds is is there any more goals that I have to do after i defeat optimum Alfred?

I don't think there is

How do you get optimum Alfred out of the penthouse in DS game The Sims 2 Hotel?

earn micanicle 5 and break into the penthhouse.

Who stays in the penthouse after Optimum Alfred on Sims 2 on Nintendo ds?

nobody, it's free to rent and get monkey from.

What time does optimum Alfred leave the penthouse?

Between 6pm and 10pm to recharge his batteries noboubt Hope this helps

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What do you do after Optimum Alfred is defeated?

U get the credits and all that then he explains why he was sooooooooooooooo bad then you go downstairs geta note conicerge will show u it and you get the penthouse and it is all normal.

How do you spell optimum?

Optimum is correct.

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