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train at least like three of your Pokemon to level 15,16,or17 just make sure your Pokemon are a higher level or the same. :) <- (look sideways to the left a smiley face!)

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Q: How do you beat may on sapphire in slateport?
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Where in slateport is capt stern after you beat may on emerald?

he is in the slateport harbor, right above the Pokemon center

Where is the trickmaster in Pokemon sapphire?

Like ruby and sapphire, it is north of slateport city, south of mauville city. Easier to reach from slateport city.

Where is the Pokémon Nick namer on Pokémon Sapphire?

In Slateport.

Where can you get a wilmer in poke sapphire?

on the beach below slateport

Where is the name rater in Pokemon sapphire?

in slateport Dummy

Where is the name writer in Pokemon sapphire?

Slateport city.

How do you get seedot on sapphire?

Go to slateport and go to the familey and ask.

How do you get into the slateport muesum on Pokemon sapphire?

pay 50 money to get in.

Where can you get a harbor mail in sapphire?

slateport city Pokemon mart

When can you get the ferry in slateport on sapphire Pokemon?

When you learn to use the force.

How do you get the ferry in Slateport City?

Beat the Elite 4, after which construction on the ferry will be completed and you'll be able to go to the Battle Tower (Ruby and Sapphire)/Battle Frontier (Emerald).

Where is the nickname man on Pokemon Sapphire?

The Name Rater is in Slateport City, in the building to the left of the Pokemon Center.