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you have to be good and watch out from enmies and clifs

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Q: How do you beat level 7 on world 7 on new super Mario bros?
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How do you get to world 7b in Super Mario Brothers?

beat level 7a

How do you get to world 4 7 on super Mario?

beat level 4 6

How do you to to level 7 on world 7 of new super Mario bros?

Beat world five's boss as mini Mario/Luigi.

How do you beat New super Mario bros world 7 2nd level?


How do you get to level 4 in New Super Mario Bros?

You have to beat Mummipokey (the boss of World 2) as mini Mario.

How do you unlock world 5 on new Super Mario Brothers?

beat the last level in world three

How do you get to world 4 in Super Mario Brothers dsi?

You need to beat level 2 and 5 as a mini mario to get to them worlds

How do you beat the boss in world 8 of super Mario world for the wii?


How do you get the second star on level 8 of super Mario?

You Have To Beat The Level Twice

How do you get to the fourth level of Super Mario Bros. on Nintendo DS?

First, u get mini Mario the go to World 2 and beat the boss with mini Mario. It will unlock World 4.

How do you get to level 4 and 7 in new super Mario bros on ds?

You have to beat Bowser as mini Mario on the big castle on world 2 and 5!

Super Mario world 4?

Beat the world 2 boss as Mini Mario.