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There is NOT Super Mario WORLD Wii...

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Q: How do you beat the boss in world 8 of super Mario world for the wii?
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Super Mario world 4?

Beat the world 2 boss as Mini Mario.

How do you to to level 7 on world 7 of new super Mario bros?

Beat world five's boss as mini Mario/Luigi.

What do when you beat New Super Mario?

you will beat the game after you defeat the final boss in world 8

How do you get to W4 on Super Mario Brothers?

beat the last boss in the last castle in world 2 as mini Mario

How do you get on world 4 Super Mario Brothers?

It is simple. Just beat the world 2 boss as mini Mario. It is the same thing for world 7, but to get to world 7 beat the world 5 boss as mini mario/luigi

In new Super Mario Brothers how do you get world 4?

if you mean ds,beat world 2's boss as super mini mario.

How do ulock world 4 and 7 in new super morio bros?

For world 4, beat world 2 boss as Mini Mario. For World 7, beat world 5 boss as Mini Mario.

How do you get to world 4 on super Mario Mario Nintendo ds?

be mini when you beat the lvl 2 boss

Why can you only beat the boss once on super paper Mario?

Who is the "Boss"? There are alot of "bosses" in Super Paper Mario

How do you get to level 4 in New Super Mario Bros?

You have to beat Mummipokey (the boss of World 2) as mini Mario.

New Super Mario Brothers on DS how to get world7?

go to the 5th world and beat the boss as mini Mario

How do you get on to world 7 on Super Mario Brothers?

Beat the World 5 boss as mini-mario.No seriously, try it.I agree with you, beat World 5 boss with Mini Mario, it's tough, but that's how you get World 7!