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One option is to teach Dewott and Scraggy the Dig TM however it will only be effective against Elesa's Zebstrika since Dig being a ground-type move, it will not be able to hit her Emolga due to them being part Flying. Leavanny would be a good option against her Electric-types as well however she's thought of this and both of her Emolga know Aerial Ace, a Flying-type move which will be twice as effective on Leavanny. You can also teach any of the 3 a Dragon-type move which will help against Elesa.

Other options would include catching a Blitzle since that would help you out against Volt Switch that Emolga and Zebstrika will both know since regardless of whether the captured Blitzle has the Motor Drive ability or the Lightningrod, it cannot be hit by Electric attacks and it will raise one of your attacks during the battle as long as it remains in the battle without being switched out.

Another option would include catching a Roggenrola since due to it being a Rock-type, Electric-type attacks and Flying-type attacks will not be as effective on it.

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Q: How do you beat elesa in Pokemon white with dewott leavanny and scraggy?
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What do you do after you defeat elesa in black?

Go to Route 5 after you defeat Elesa in Pokemon Black Version.

What Pokemon does Gym Leader Elesa have?

Gym Leader Elesa has two level 25 Emolgas and a level 27 Zebstrika.

What level Pokemon does Elesa have in Pokemon white version?

2 emolgas level 25 and a Zebstrika

What type of Pokemon is Skyla?

Skyla is a flying Pokemon. She first featured in Pokemon Black & White and is the leader of the Mistralton City Gym. Her friends include Cynthia and Elesa.

What Pokemon does elesa use?

Two level 25 Emolgas and a level 27 Zebstrika. I found her the hardest gym leader in my game.

Where do you find elesa the fourth gym leader in Pokemon white 2?

Talk to the trainer in her old gym to gain access to the new gym.

Where do you find elesa in Pokemon white 2?

To get to Elesa you must goto her old gym (the rollercoaster one) and talk to the girl where Elesa is supposed to be. Then carry on east until you see a building with a poke ball sign on the top (half pink half yellow) and that's the new gym. It is just up and left to the Audino statue. Hope this helps!

How do you beat Elesa in Pokemon black with Tepig?

you would have to evolve it and train it a lot and then try to beat her. if you still don't beat her try to catch other pokemon, level them up, finally you would have to beat her.

What Pokemon do you need to beat elisa in Pokemon white?

Elesa is one of the hadest gym leaders to beat. I recommend trading to get a vanilite, and try catching a leipard. The emolga do massive damage against all the starter pokemon, so save them for zebstrika.

Who is the Nimbasa City Gym Leader in Pokemon Black and White?

The Nimbasa City Gym Leader is Elesa, who specialises in Electric type Pokemon. She uses three Pokemon. Emolga Emolga Zebstrika Zebstrika is weak to Ground Emolga is weak to Rock and Ice Hope this Helped :)

How can you beat Elesa in Pokemon White?

Elesa has 2 Emolga and a Zebstrika. The Emolga are really annoying with their Volt Switch. They also know Aerial Ace and Pursuit. And maybe Double Team. Catch a Sandile on Route 4 and train it. Battle the trainers on Route 4, Desert Resort, Etc. This is all I can say. Good luck, future champions!

How do you find elesa in Pokemon Black 2?

to beat her you must ride the roller coasters and battle trainers you need to have ground type or a high level Pokemon Top answer did not answer the question. What you probably should have done, was catch Britzle who has abilities that wall both Emolga making their Volt-Switch useless, and Aerial ace not very effective. Zebstrika can be countered with Krokorok. Make sure you've found TM Dig and Rock Tomb.