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What matters is the type of the moves you use, not the type of your pokémon.

Sneasel is weak to Rock and Bug attacks.

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Q: How do you beat a level 36 sneasel with grass type Pokemon?
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What Pokemon can learn beat up?

sneasel learns it at level 57

What Pokemon learns beat up?

Sneasel learns Beat Up I think at level 37.

In Pokemon leaf green what Pokemon learns beat up?

Sneasel. If I remember correctly, Beat Up is Sneasel's signiture move. In FireRed/LeafGreen, you can't catch Sneasel until after you beat the Elite Four.

What Black and White Pokemon learns beat up?

none of the fifth generation Pokemon learn it but in black and white sneasel learns it at level 42 houndoom learns it at level 26 and houndour learns it at level 25.

What level should Pokemon be to beat the pastoria gymleader in pearl?

about level 40 but use a grass or electric type Pokemon

How do you beat the second gym in Pokemon soul silver with a grass type starter?

What you do is train up another pokemon and yours to a high level in the grass

What do you suggest to get to level fifty in platinum?

after you beat the elete four go in tall grass and you will find level 50 Pokemon there.

How can you beat the Mistralton gym in Pokemon white version?

You can beat Skyla the gym leader with a higher level pokemon or with electric or rock type pokemon. And I do not reccomend using grass or bug types.

How do you beat the fortree gym leader?

you need to level up your Pokemon, and it depends on what type of Pokemon they have. for example if they had a grass Pokemon the best thing you should do is catch a fire Pokemon or level up the fire Pokemon you already have.

What is the best Pokemon to beat prinplup?

any grass or dragon moves will be good (the higher the level of pokemon the more damage the moves will do to the target)

How do you beat marshtomp in Pokemon ruby by the cycling road?

get a Pokemon that is strong against water. like: Electrick and grass. then train it so its about level 20 and knows the types tht work well with it. then get Pokemon to beat her/his other Pokemon she has.

What Pokemon can beat Sneasel?

Pokémon that can defeat Sneasel are Fire, Fighting, Bug, Rock and Steel types such as Magmar, Machamp, Scizor, Pinsir, Golem and Onix.