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first u must get Pokemon navigator(pokenav) from rustboro city and u must register other trainers when u fight then after u beat elite 4 , u must see your pokenav and if u see a poke ball next to the trainer in ur pokenav in matchcall it means u will fight him again

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Q: How do you battle trainers again in Pokemon emerald?
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How do you get May to battle you again on Pokemon emerald?

if you have beaten the league she cant battle you again

Can you battle Rayquaza again in Pokemon emerald?

not if you beat it or caught it

How do you rebattle trainers in Pokemon Soul Silver?

you battle trainers again by adding them onto your pokegear and then soon they will want a rematch

Can you fight trainers again in Pokemon Crystal?

Yes trainers can rematch you in Pokemon crystal but you must register there phone numbers to do that but not all trainers will rematch you, wait until the trainers call you they will mention they want to battle again and they will remind you where they are go there and talk to the trainer to battle them again. They can keep calling you for rematches throughout the game don't miss the chance to rematch them.

After you beat the elite four does your rival ever battle you again in Pokemon emerald?


How do you battle trainers again in Pokemon gold?

if you can get there number,call them and sometimes they'll ask to battle you.or sometimes they call you,they'll ask to battle you.

How do you re battle gym leaders emerald?

Once you beat the Elite 4, you can check your pokenav thing and look at the trainers you have registered. All of the gym leaders will be in there and they will be marked when they want to battle again. They will always be double battles and they will update their team with new pokemon.

How do you catch Pokemon while fishing in emerald?

When it says there is a bite tap a if it does it again do it again. Hen it will take you to battlE

What to do if you lose the pokemon.s league lots of times?

Go to another place with Pokemon around about your chosen pokemons level and either battle them wild or battle a couple of strong trainers then when your Pokemon are a bit stronger battle the Pokemon league again

What do you do after you have been to the battle tower in Pokemon pearl D's?

Figure out something to do: Fight trainers you haven't fought yet Fight the Elite 4 again Catch more pokemon Do the game again!

How do you fight trainers again in Pokemon Yellow?

You can't

How do you verses battled trainers again in heartgold?

you can only battle battled trainers if you registered them in your them,if they want to battle,they'll tell you.