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Go to Celadon City and defeat the gym leader, Erika, who uses Grass Types. Then, head to Saffron City and the Rocket standing in front of the Silph building should be standing next to the door (if you talk to him, he'll be sleeping). From there, you can go into the Silph Co. and defeat not only Team Rocket, but your rival is hidden in there too! Be prepared once you find him on the 7th floor.

If that doesn't work, go to the Fighting Dojo (right next to Saffron's Gym) and defeat all five trainers in there, pick Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee, and the Rocket outside of Silph should be sleeping.

I recently finished this game again, so I'm trying to remember how.



good luck!

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Q: How do you battle team rocket in saffron?
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How do you get the team rocket card key in saffron city?

On the fifth floor. Battle the rocket to the very right. He will give you the card.

How do you battle Sabrina team rocket wont let me through?

Here's what you do. To get Team Rocket to leave Saffron, you have to go into the Silph Co. building (Also in Saffron) and figth the Team Rocket leader Giovanni. The rocket guard who is supposed to block the entrance will be a sleep after you have gotten your 5th badge. Afterwards you can enter all the buildings in Saffron. Good Luck! :)

How do you get past team rocket in saffron city?

In order to get rid of Team Rocket in Saffron City, the player must go into the Silph Co. building. In Silph Co, the player must navigate all the floors of the building, defeat Team Rocket, and save the company president.

How do you get rid of team rocket in saffron?

You have to battle at least 6/7 gym leaders after that you fly to goldenrod then you go to the underground tunnel.then you talk to a man that takes photographs he lends you a team rocket uniform. Get out then go back to the radio tower then you can continue

Where is the team rocket tower?

In saffron city ?? the MASSIVE building i would say ! ,

How do you get the Master Ball in Pokemon Blue?

By defeating the team rocket leader in saffron city

Where do you find your rival in saffron city?

inside the were team rocket is hop i helped

Where is the team rocket building in the game of pokemon. the fire red version?

In Saffron City.

In Pokemon FireRed what city do you get the marsh badge in?

in saffron city after you defeat team rocket

How do you get the masterball in leafgreen?

You have to get to saffron city and defeat the team rocket in Silph .co defeat the team rocket boss giovanni and then the boss of silph gives it you as a reward

How do you get through the biggest building with team rocket in it in saffron city?

search around and you will find a card key lying on the floor. then go to the 3rd floor and use your card key on all the locked doors. Then go into a teleport and when you go into the right one you will see your rival. If you don´t then keep going on different teleports. Battle your rival then go further on and then you will have to battle Giovanni. When you beat him Team Rocket wil leave and then you can do the gym in saffron

How do you beat team rocket in saffron?

Beat the boss in silph co he's on the 11th floor.