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Put your Action replay in your DS or DSI power it up let it lode when it is done put your game in then hit codes it will say (Pokemon Platinum) what ever game you have at the top it says **ADD new CODE** then you put in the code you are going to play with. I hope this Helps have a great day!!! :)

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Q: How do you add cheat codes to the action replay DSi?
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Can you put cheat codes on Pokemon white without the action replay dsi?


What is the difference between an action replay and action replay max?

The Action Replay is for the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DS Lite, while the Action Replay Max (or, sometimes called the Action Replay DSi) is for the DSi only. The normal Action Replay will not work in the DSi, and vice versa. I hope I helped! ('u')

How do you make the Pokemon on the cheat codes come to your game to pokemon white?

You can't. It has to be in action replay dsi

Is it possible to add Action Replay codes to Action Replay DSi on a micro SD card?

Honestly...i have no idea. im trying to find that out myself...

Will action replay ds codes work on the dsi action replay?

Yes! You can!

Why is action replay for Nintendo Ds not compatible with Dsi?

It's because Nintendo designed it to not be able to cheat on. you can use your action replay on a dsi it doesnt need to be a action replay DSi to work

Are there any action replay codes for DS?

Yes action replay works for ds, ds lite, and dsi, hence the name "action replay dsi".

Does action replay dsi give codes for Pokemon SoulSilver?

Yes it does. On Action replay DSi it does have Pokemon Soul Silver, but on Action Replay DS it doesn't.

Will there be action replay codes for the DSi?

yes the action replay Dsi has already came out it's available at game stop

Does the dsi action replay have Pokemon black and white cheat codes?

Yes. I have Black and i use the cheats all the time.

How do enter cheat codes on Pokemon Platinum?

buy an action replay... a dsi one works for any ds system.

Can a Nintendo DSi crash?

yes, usually by a cheat or a dsi action replay