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When you're on the main screen of the shop channel, click "add wii points" you can either use a credit card to buy them. Or use the code from a store bought point card.

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Q: How do you add Wii points on Wii channel?
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Is there a Wii game that you can earn Wii points on to use on the Wii shop channel?

no you have to buy the points from the Nintendo wii channel and u cant earn them! but that would be a cool thing to add.

Can you delete a channel from your Wii and get Wii points?


Do you get wii points back if you delete a channel that you used Wii points for?

to put it simply, no.

Where can I get free Wii points?

Unfortunately, you can't. The only way to get Wii Points is to buy a Wii Points Card, and enter the number on the Wii Shop Channel. But you can't get free Wii Points.

What exactly are Wii points and what are they for and what do you do with them?

wii points u buy at the store or in wii shop channel with a credit card. ucan buy old games with them or other programs on ur wii menu like the weather channel or the sports channel or the news channel exc........

How do you get Wii points on Wii Sports?

Wii Points are used in the Wii Shop Channel to buy and download games that either were on another older game console, such as the NES, or small games recently made only for the Wii, called WiiWare. Wii Sports is not connected to the Wii Shop Channel, so you cannot earn them from the game. To get Wii Points, you need to either buy a Wii Points Card at a store and enter the code on the Wii Shop Channel, or enter your credit card number to buy Wii Points immediately.

How do you redeem wii points without using Wii shop channel?

There is no other way to redeem Wii points. You can only use these points in the Wii shopping channels.

When you have Wii points how do you get my Pokemon Ranch?

Go onto the Wii Shop Channel. Click on the area that says Wii points. Redeem the points by entering in the code on the back of the card. Continue on the Wii Shop Channel and buy My Pokemon Ranch using your newly redeemed points.

How much money is a Wii point worth?

10$=1000 Wii Points 20$=2000 Wii Points 30$=3000 Wii Points 40$=4000 Wii Points 50$=5000 Wii Points You can use them in the Wii Shop Channel and get games with them.

How get free Wii points?

First, go to the wii shop channel. Then, click on start shopping. After that click on add wii points. Then, click on redeem wii points card and just type in your phone number and if there was space left just type in random numbers. I have not done it yet but I have seen my friend do it and it works.

What Wii game is zero points on Wii shop channel?

no games, just a couple of channels, such as the "everybody votes" channel, for everything else you need points

How do you get Sonic the Hedgehog 4 for the Wii?

you have to buy in the wii shop channel for 1,500 wii points