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no you have to buy the points from the Nintendo wii channel and u cant earn them! but that would be a cool thing to add.

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Q: Is there a Wii game that you can earn Wii points on to use on the Wii shop channel?
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How do you get Wii points on Wii Sports?

Wii Points are used in the Wii Shop Channel to buy and download games that either were on another older game console, such as the NES, or small games recently made only for the Wii, called WiiWare. Wii Sports is not connected to the Wii Shop Channel, so you cannot earn them from the game. To get Wii Points, you need to either buy a Wii Points Card at a store and enter the code on the Wii Shop Channel, or enter your credit card number to buy Wii Points immediately.

What Wii game is zero points on Wii shop channel?

no games, just a couple of channels, such as the "everybody votes" channel, for everything else you need points

What is the worst wii shop channel game for 500 wiii points?

Super Mario Brothers 3!

How do you get Wii points on Nintendo Wii?

You can eithe buy a points card at stores like Best Buy and Game Stop, and type in the code on he wii shop channel, or you can buy them directly from the shop channel with a credit card. $10 for 1000 pts, $20 for 2000, etc.

Does Pokemon Rumble the video game come for nintendoDS?

No, it only comes for WiiWare. You can download it on the Wii Shop Channel for 1500 points.

How good is the game Pokemon Rumble?

it is a awesome game that you download off the wii shop channel for 1500 wii points which equal $15.00. i know that sound pricey but it is a crazy game.

Who do you get on the Internet with the Wii?

you have to download the internet channel from wii ware on the wii shop channel when i got it it was 500 pts but they are giving me my money back in trade for a game off wii shop channel cuz i heard they makin it free

How and where can your get Nintendo Wii points?

On the Wii Shop Channel, click "Get Points", or something like that (I have a Wii, but I haven't been on the Wii Shop Channel for a while). It should give you an option to enter a code (for Wii point cards bought from the store) and an option to get points by using a credit/debit card.

How much does a Nintendo DSi Points card cost?

A Dsi and wii card together costs about $20.00 in Canada and gives you 2000 points to use in wii shop channel and Dsi shop channel!

When you have Wii points how do you get my Pokemon Ranch?

Go onto the Wii Shop Channel. Click on the area that says Wii points. Redeem the points by entering in the code on the back of the card. Continue on the Wii Shop Channel and buy My Pokemon Ranch using your newly redeemed points.

How do you get more free games to download on your DSi?

use the Nintendo shop channel, which is the same as the wii shop channel, so you need wi-fi and a credit card to buy points with or a point card because you need points to get games, explaining how you need it to get GBA games because this portable game player has no GBA slot function. ************************ You "could" wait until DSiBrew has started a dsi homebrew channel.

What is a Nintendo point card?

a Nintendo points card allows you to buy exclusive games off the Nintendo dsi shop channel, or the wii shop channel.