Can you get Wii points on the Wii?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes through a gift card or credit card

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Q: Can you get Wii points on the Wii?
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Get Wii points on Wii sports?

You cant get Wii Points on Wii Sports

How and where can your get Nintendo Wii points?

On the Wii Shop Channel, click "Get Points", or something like that (I have a Wii, but I haven't been on the Wii Shop Channel for a while). It should give you an option to enter a code (for Wii point cards bought from the store) and an option to get points by using a credit/debit card.

How much money is a Wii point worth?

10$=1000 Wii Points 20$=2000 Wii Points 30$=3000 Wii Points 40$=4000 Wii Points 50$=5000 Wii Points You can use them in the Wii Shop Channel and get games with them.

Where can I get free Wii points?

Unfortunately, you can't. The only way to get Wii Points is to buy a Wii Points Card, and enter the number on the Wii Shop Channel. But you can't get free Wii Points.

How many wii points do you get for beating Mario party 2?

You don't get Wii points for beating anything. You have to buy wii points. They are like the Wii's currency. You trade your money for Wii points.

Do you get a 1000 Wii points when you buy the Wii?

No you just get a Wii. You have to buy points. (1000 points cost about $10)

Is the Wii Points generator legal?

No. It is illegal. Wii points are to be used only from Wii points cards. Any other way of getting them (as by the Wii points generator) is not legal.

Can you get Wii points by playing the Wii games?

no, i belive you have to buy wii points by your credit card.

How do you get Pokemon Ranch on your Wii?

You buy it with wii Points. (you have to pay for wii points). Since you have to pay for points, Pokemon Ranch is $10.00

How do you get Wii points for free?

You type in How to get wii points free and you'll have to fill out some stuff and you'll have 2000 Wii points