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In the Wifi Configuration, add the hotspot as one of your connections.

WELL if u really need wifi you need a tooth pic and game that lets go to wifi setting first go to wifi setting then go to 1 2 3 on in settings then put your tooth pick on top left corner then click find wifi and it will work just make sure your wifi is on.

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Q: How do you access a free WiFi hotspot on DS or DSi?
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Can you get on the DSi Browser if your in a Wifi hotspot zone?

Nope i try that in my dslite and dsi and it doesn't work

Can I download DSi games without WiFi?

No, you need to find a wi-fi hotspot, to be able to connect to the DSi Store.

How can you go on the internet if you don't have wifi on your dsi XL?

All DS consoles have built-in wi-fi, including the DSi and XL. If you do not have access to a wireless hotspot, you could get a Nintendo Wi-Fi Adaptor, which acts as one.

How to get Internet on dsi?

You must download the Dsi browser from the Dsi ware shop, Via Wifi. The browser is free of charge! =D But you will have to stay in range of your Internet access point!

Is WiFi free for dsi?

yes, it comes with it.

Can you get internet from a hotspot in your dsi?

Yes, you can connect to a wi-fi hotspot with your DSi.

Why can't you use facebook on your dsi?

You can get facebook on DSI. You just need wifi then when u have wifi you go on DSI shop go on this box that says FREE and then you will find internet

How do you setup Pokemon SoulSilver to Wifi?

You must be in a free-wifi zone, even using DSi/DSi XL you cannot use locked wi-fi point or a Payible one - only Free-wifi zones maybe used

How much is WiFi for the DSI?

free so is the web browser and they give you 1000 free dsi points for the dsi shop channel to start off with; not bad huh?

To get on the dsi shop do you need Nintendo wifi?

Yes you do have to get Internet wifi but possibly there are local liberies or coffee shops that have free wifi.

Can you get on the Ds wifi on the dsi like get on Pokemon platnium WiFi on the dsi?

yes, you can

Why cant your dsi find an access point?

it needs some sort of wifi connection to a wireless router