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Yes, you can connect to a wi-fi hotspot with your DSi.

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Q: Can you get internet from a hotspot in your dsi?
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How do you put internet on a dsi?

Hiya, to put internet online you need this: 1. Do you have DSL/ a hotspot? If not, don't read on. 2. Goto system settings, and internet, then set up your settings. You also need WFC so that way it can work. It shuld be on your hotspot that your using. 3. If it's still not working then goto Google, and type in Home or something, something to get your firewall or allow wireless transmission. 4. Then, goto the DSi shop, if you haven't, download it, and play with it. If this doesn't work, then something must be wrong with your Hotspot, or DSi, because this is the ONLY way to get it. ~Didn't-even-register-just-randomly-answers-this

Can you get on the DSi Browser if your in a Wifi hotspot zone?

Nope i try that in my dslite and dsi and it doesn't work

Would you get charged for internet on the DSi?

The DSi connects to a wireless hotspot, just like a PC does. The wireless service itself is owned and paid for by someone, but it doesn't matter how many devices connect to it, there is no additional cost.

How can you go on the internet if you don't have wifi on your dsi XL?

All DS consoles have built-in wi-fi, including the DSi and XL. If you do not have access to a wireless hotspot, you could get a Nintendo Wi-Fi Adaptor, which acts as one.

Does hotspot shield work on internet explorer?

no,when you connect to internet with hotspot shield on the internet gets disconnected

How to get the Internet on a DSi?

I dont really get what your saying. But if your saying how to get internet for the dsi. Go to dsi shop > dsi ware > free > DSi internet

How to get internet on Nintendo dsi?

how do get internet on Nintendo dsi

Can I download DSi games without WiFi?

No, you need to find a wi-fi hotspot, to be able to connect to the DSi Store.

Does it cost money to get internet on the DSi?

No,it doesn't cost money to get internet into a DSi. The internet already comes on the DSi.

Does the dsi have free internet?

No, because the dsi connects to your wireless internet.if you do not have wireless internet the dsi can't have internet

Does Nintendo DSi have internet no?

The DSi can download a free browser from the DSi Store, with which it can browse the internet.

How do you make your internet a safe hotspot?

Secure the hotspot with a password, such as a WEP key.