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If the hotel has broadband WiFi you don't need the computer just use the PS3 WiFi connection and if it has Ethernet then plug the Ethernet cable in your PS3.

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Q: How do use your computer to hook up a Playstation 3 To hotel internet?
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Do you have to hook your playstation 2 to a computer to play online?

No you have to connect it to the internet to go online. That's the same way your computer is able to go online.

How to hook ps3 to a wireless router?

The related link has a video from Playstation Network Support on connecting the PS3 see the link under How do I connect the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system to the Internet?

Can you hook your Playstation 2 up to wireless internet If so how?

no you can not. it is not in that tipe of sytem yet.

How do you hook up internet with criket broadband for playstation network?

You don't you need an internet service like cable or DSL

How do you hook up a playstation 2 to a computer?

You don't PS2 are connected to a TV for A/V

How do you mod a game on PlayStation 3?

You hook a USB connector to the playstation & a computer then look for ur mod file hit upload then go to ur update system dont click Internet via but the other one then bam!!!! All done

What kind of internet do you need for Playstation 3?

You can have any internet for the ps3, although I'm not sure about dial up. If you have nonwireless internet, you will just have to hook up your ps3 to the internet.

Does anybody make a cable that allows me to hook up my Playstation 2 to my computer?

The Playstation 3 98045 AV Cable for PS3 should work.

How do you get internet explorer on your Playstation 3?

my daad has ps3 and he does have internet but go to the nearest game stop and ask for instructions on how to hook up ur internet to ur ps3

If you have wireless internet can you hook a laptop to a playstation?

If your talking about PS3 then yes but not a PS2 or PS1, it should tell you how in your manual.

Do you need your playstation hooked up to a computer to play online?

I'm pretty sure you need both...i have a ps2 and play online but on a TV

Do you have to buy internet for the Nintendo DSi?

not necessarily. if you have wireless Internet use that, or hook it up to your computer.