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For the third puzzle, you're going to have to have Ho-Oh in the first slot of your party.

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Q: How do solve the third Pokemon carving in Pokemon soul silver?
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How do you get to the third Pokemon carving in Pokemon soulsilver?

If the Pokémon in soul silver is Ho-Oh then later in the game; when you reach Pewter city I believe, a man on the hill in the city will give you the rainbow wing.

How do you solve the puzzle in the ruins of alph?

First puzzle: Escape Rope (Kabuto Carving) Second puzzle: Flash (Aerodactyl Carving) Third puzzle: Bring Ho-Oh (Ho-Oh Carving) Fourth puzzle: Water Stone (Omanyte Carving)

How do you beat the third gym leader in Pokemon silver?

You beat all of her Pokemon. You beat all of her Pokemon.

How do you catch an Swablu in Pokemon Silver?

Swablu is a third generation pokèmon and so isn't in Silver.

How do you get the third farfetchd in Pokemon soul silver?

chase it and catch it from behind

What do you after you have beaten misty in Pokemon Soul Silver?

go to the third gym (lt.surge)

Where is lugia in the whirl islands in Pokemon soul silver?

It's in the third island.

How do you get the third gym leader to appear in soul silver?

go to the Pokemon gym

What happens to the third starter in Pokemon soul silver?

it never explains what happened to it

How do you get steven stone to talk the third time in Pokemon soul silver?

In the silph co.

What do you do with the silver wing i n Pokemon soul silver?

go to whirl island and talk to the man on the third floor down then you can go past him

What is the yellow Pokemon that bills granpa wants in Pokemon soul silver?

if its the third one that is a super popular yellow Pokemon with red cheeks before evolution then its pichu.