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Download it of The Sims 3 Website, then go on 'Downloads' (Wherever it is on your computer). Find it, and click on it. Then follow the steps to install it.

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Q: How do i install sims 3 create a world beta tool?
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Is the sims 3 create-a-world tool compatible with windows 7?

I Install The Sims 3 Create A World And It Crasher All The Time Can Some One Help Me To Fix

How do you download sims 3 create a world beta tool?

Go to and click the Download tab and download it.

The sims 3 world adventures wont install because of update?

You must install the update before you install the Sims 3 World Adventures Expansion Pack. Install the update by going to your Sims 3 Game Launcher and clicking on the " Game Updates" tab.

How do you place a lot in create a world in the Sims 3?

you download the create a world app on the sims 3 websight go to free and it should be there

How do you make newborn clothes for the sims 2 PC?

Go to and read the faqs about how to download/install/create for the sims 2.

How do you barbecue your baby on Sims 3 pets?

Unless you install or create a wacky mod, you can't.

How do you create a neighbourhood on the Sims 3?

To create a neighborhood, you must download the create-a-world tool for The Sims 3. See the download link below.

How do you find the create a world option on sims 3 once its downloaded?

Well, if you mean you downloaded it from the Sims 3 site, then it should be on you desktop if you chose for it to be there when downloading it. But if you didn't choose that then it would be in your (Start) window (that is if you have Windows), and it would be in your Programs or My Programs link and then when you get there just look around for the EA sign or Electronic Arts sign and hover you mouse over that, then it should say The Sims 3 create a world beta, and other stuff with that about the Sims 3. Hows that for an answer? :D

How do you install the Sims 3 world adventures if you already have the Sims 3 insatlled?

just insert the sims 3 world advenetures disc and download it like the regular sims 3 disc.

Sims 3 create a world tool image.. Where do i get a png 256x256 24bit color image for the sims 3 create a world tool?

Make one with paint or what ever you have.

Which Sims game Lets you pick your town level it out and create everything?

None, but if you have a PC, you can download ''create a world'' on the Sims

Do you need to install Sims 3 before you install Sims 3 adventure island?

Do you mean the sims 3 world advantures, coz if yes thn yh u need to install thm, if no is it an expansion pack if yh thn yh u need them installed...