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Deoxys defense form is found in leafgreen.

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Q: How do find deoxys defense form?
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WHere do you find Deoxys' meteriods?

In veilstone city at the east there will be four meteorits that each have the ability to change the form of deoxys that are: (attack form), (defense form), (speed form), (normal form).

What game is Deoxys in defense form?

bla87 said:i have a deoxys on Pokemon diamond and i touched one of the meteors in velstone city and deoxys was in my party and he changed forms one of the meteors changes his form to defense form

Which is the Pokemon with the highest stats?

blissey with the highest hp, shuckle with the highest defense and deoxys defense form, and rampardos and deoxys attack form!hope this helped:)

What is the most defensive pokemon?

Deoxys defense form

If you cannot find deoxys in Pokemon RubySapphire then why is there a special form of deoxys for that game?

When you trade Deoxys it becomes its normal form

Where to find deoxys normal in pokemondeluge?

you can find deoxys in the map 10 form a letter l move and bingo there it is deoxys

Where do you find deyoxys' merteorites?

They are at the east of veilstone city, there are 4 meteorites, each one make deoxys change of form, (speed form), (atack form), (defense form), (normal form).

How do Deoxys change form?

You have to have a deoxys in your party. Then go to Veilstone City. Go to the meteorites in the holes. Touch one of the meteorites. Press A and check your deoxys. If I'm right, your deoxys will be a different form. A meteorite has a different form, one will be special attack, attack, defense, or a speed form. I learned this by having my deoxys in my party and touching the meteorite.

Which Pokemon has the highest special defense?

Shuckle does and then it's regice and deoxys in it's defence form.

What do the meteorites do in Pokemon pearl?

If you bring a deoxys to any of them it will change its form in favor of its attack, defense, speed, or normal.

Pokemon pearl how to change Deoxys form?

Put deoxys in your party, go to the veilstone city (3rd gym leader). There are four rocks at the south , near a troll house. Touch the rocks, and deoxys will turn into Atack, Speed, defense, and normal form. Each rock cause deoxys to change into different froms.

Where is the stone for Deoxys in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Ok The Stones for deoxys are to the right of pewter city they are in craters you have to have deoxys with you in the part for it to work. And each one gives you a different form Normal and Defense and Speed and Attack. Hope This Really helped you out. =) =) =)

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