How do Pokemon learn egg moves?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They must hatch from eggs. Otherwise they can't learn it

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Q: How do Pokemon learn egg moves?
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How do you learn egg moves?

look up on Bulbapedia what egg moves that pokemon can learn, then teach the move to the father, and leave him and a suitable female pokemon in the day care. The pokemon will hatch with the egg move.

What is Pokemon egg moves?

They're moves the Pokemon can only learn as an egg. When breeding two Pokemon, the baby will be the species of the female, and have the moves of the father. If you're breeding with a Ditto, the baby will always have the species and moves of the non-Ditto Pokemon.

How does a Pokemon learn an egg move?

For any Pokemon game that involves or includes egg moves, the move learned, differs between different Pokemon. In the games, egg moves are specific moves, that are passed down from parent to child, and only specific moves in games, like Surf, can be passed down. For an egg to learn a move, you must teach the parent Pokemon, or the Pokemon in the Daycare, an appropriate move that CAN be passed down, and that can be learned by the Pokemon.

How do you get your Pokemon to learn it's egg moves?

i think the Pokemon that made the egg with ditto could have an HM move example:surf then it goes to the egg and the Pokemon that came from the egg knows that move.

What moves does Pikachu should learn in Pokemon crystal?

It can usually learn egg moves. They are moves they get from there mum and dad Pokemon such as volt tackle, which can be gained when giving a light orb to the father Pikachu before breeding.

How do you make Pokemon eggs without Ditto?

You need a male and female Pokemon from the same egg group. The baby will be the same species as the female but can learn moves that the father knows that the baby wouldn't normally know. These are called Egg Moves.

What is an egg move in Pokemon how do you teach an egg move?

Egg moves are moves passed down from the father Pokemon when you breed Pokemon usually egg moves are TM's the baby if they can learn those moves will obtain them when they hatch out of the egg so whatever the father has TM wise or moves taught by a move tutor it will pass down to the child get it.

Can stage three Pokemon learn moves?

Yes, Pokemon of all stages can still learn moves.

What is egg moves in Pokemon?

Egg moves are moves that can only be learned through breeding. I'll show you an example: let's say you want a Houndour to learn the move Thunder Fang but, of course, you don't know how to get it. This is how you get egg moves.Get the Pokemon that you want it to learn the egg move. It has to be a female Pokemon to produce the same species. In this case: Houndour or Houndoom.Get the other Pokemon that is compatible with breeding with the female Pokemon. This Pokemon has to have the move learned and must be a male Pokemon. Let's use Shinx with Thunder Fang as an example.Put both the female Pokemon and the male Pokemon in the Day-Care and after you obtained the egg and it hatches the family of the female Pokemon, it will have the egg move that it learns from the father.After the egg finally hatches it will be the Pokemon of the earliest form of the mother. Since my example was a Houndour/ Houndoom the new born Pokemon will be a Houndour male or female that knows the egg move Thunder Fang. And that's is what an egg move basically is. You cannot do the complete opposite of this though. Meaning that you can't get a new born Pokemon from the male version with a move from the female.

How do you teach egg moves?

first, you have to check if the Pokemon can learn it with the egg move. then you get the Pokemon that can learn it to the Pokemon to teach it. example: pikachu(female) cherrim(male has to hold light ball) (teaching it volt tackle) they can breed because they are both in the same group. the fairy group. the only way they can breed is if they are in the same group. the female pikachu makes the pichu and the male carries it's moves that the pichu can learn. that's the egg move process...i think. hopes this helps!

What are Egg Moves in Pokemon Pearl?

In Pokémon Pearl, Egg Moves are moves that Pokémon can't naturally learn through leveling up or through machines such as TMs. Pokémon learn Egg Moves via breeding two parents together as long as they are of opposite genders and they're in the same breeding group however the Father is the Pokémon that needs to know the move that you want to pass down as the Egg Move and 4 moves can be passed down as egg moves provided the Father knows four Egg MOves.

Is it true Arceus can learn every move but Focus Punch?

no, arceus is a Pokemon that can learn a lot of moves, he can even learn fly but there are many moves that he cannot learn. the only Pokemon that can learn all moves is mew...