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Left 4 Dead begins in Pennsylvania, following an outbreak of so-called "Green Flu" (not actually a flu, but a form of rabies), a highly contagious virus causing extreme aggression and loss of higher brain functions. It was spread through biting.

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Q: How did the people in left 4 dead get infected?
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What the infected in left 4 dead used to be?

in the first left 4 dead the infected where the spitter, smoker, hunter, tank, witch, hord

Who is the fastest zombie in left 4 dead?

there is no fast zombie in left 4 dead...there is however a fast special infected. The hunter is without a dout the fastest special infected in left 4 dead.

How do you get infected in left 4 dead?

you get bitten

Can you be infected on left 4 dead without online?


Which is the Best infected in Left 4 Dead?


Can you be infected in solo in left 4 dead on PC?

No, you can only play as infected in multiplayer.

Is there going to be new infected in left for dead 3?

not sure but the characters from left 4 dead 1 and left 4 dead 2 meet together and you get to choose between 8 characters.

How do you get infected on left 4 dead?

You can't, the survivors you play as are immune to the disease the infected carry. So it is impossible.

Is there a way to play as the infected on left 4 dead without xbox live?


In Left 4 Dead who were the Infected?

The Special Infected were the Boomer, Smoker, Hunter, Tank, and the Witch. The Common Infected are everyone but the Four Survivors.

Does left 4 dead 2 have versus mode?

Yes it does you can as 1 of the 4 survivors or switch between special infected on the infected team

Do left for dead smokers shoot their tongue?

Yes, Left 4 Dead "Smoker" special Infected do shoot their long tongues at players.