How did goku get his tail?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He was born with it. The Kais helped him grow it back in GT.

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Q: How did goku get his tail?
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Who cut Goku's tail off?

Goku's tail was removed by Kami in Dragonball. I believe one of the Kais regrew it in GT.

How did Goku get his monkey tail?

He has had it ever since he was a boy.

What is the name of Goku's grandchild?

goku's grandfather is called grandpa gohan the person who pulls off goku's tail in dragonball

What is the name of Goku's Granddaughter?

Goku does not have a sister he has 1 older brother.

How many times is Goku's tail removed in Dragonball?

at least 3 times

What episode was Goku's tail pulled out of his butt?

DragonBall episode 13. Goku becomes a great ape and puar transforms into a giant pair of scissors and cuts his tail off. i believe he grows it back later, but im not sure.

Who wins the first time goku and vegeta fight?

Goku wins, but he gets help from Yajirobe who cuts Vegeta's tail off which makes him become normal again.

Can goku go ssj4 without his tail?

If he can go super sayan 1, 2, and 3 of course he can do it! Besides vegeta did it, so if vegeta can do it, so can goku cause he is stronger!

How did vegeta lose his tail?

How did Broly lose his tailhe never did lose his tail... as they reborn Broly in the 3rd and most suckish Broly movie... He was naked in a medical tank type of thing... tail and all

Who would win in a fight super saiyan 4 goku or 4 tail naruto?

no joke man i mean naruto in nine tail is amazingly strong but dbz characters are something else. With ss4 power naruto doesn't stand chance again goku.

Can Goku turn ssj with his tail?

yes in fact he needs his tail to turn super sayin 4 but he doesn't need it for the forms of super sayin before that

When Dragonball Gt episode does goku turn ssj4?

i think it was after goku came back with his tail and turn ssj3 when he revert back to his old state goku look at the earth and become a golden great ape in episode 30. GOKU TURNED SSJ4 IN EPISODE 35, SHORTLY AFTER HE WAS A GREAT APE.