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yes you can

but i HIGHLY suggest you do NOT use it to play DVDs

I have, and I know others who have ruined their PS2 lasers from watching DVDs on their PS2

It is ok in moderation

just don't make it a habit

and to do it :

just put in the DVD and turn on the PS2

it should load up

if it askes for a password put in 0000

since i doubt you've set one before hand (who has really?)

0000 is the default

and then the movie should start playing

use the controller to navigate through the movies menus

and it works like a standard game (x accept, triangle cancel, etc)

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Q: How can you use ps2 for playing DVD movies?
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PS2 use DVD and not CDs, but being scratched only stops them from playing

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You can not use a DVD player in a Home theater to play PS2 games

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In order to use a computer to play PS2 games it would need a DVD drive for the PS2 discs and a emulator program with PS2 bios

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PS2 games are on DVD discs

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Do DVD's work on the ps2?

Yes, and you can use the controller as a remote.

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PS2 games are mainly designed for DVD discs, but the PS2 will not play most burnt DVDs

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First of all your ps2 needs to be modded, or else you won't be able to play at all. Basically you use a DVD burning program such as alcohol120% to burn the iso onto a DVD. Then you put it into your ps2 and you can play

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i don't know, but whatever you do, don't use gameshark, it screws up the ps2 DVD player

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yes you can use it on ps2 slim. you have to put the DVD region x CD and memory card and restart your ps2 console it will take few minutes to restart it will automatically installed after then when you will put any type of DVD you have to insert your DVD region x memory card must.

How can you see Harry Potter movies?

1. Buy them on DVD. 2. Use a DVD-player.

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There is the PCSX2 that does not convert your game but allows your PC to use your PS2 bios to play some PS2 games